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Hello all. We have a pfsense 2.4.1 device installed and internet access is functional. We have 3 Panasonic SIP phones behind the firewall using ClearSIP as the provider. We have followed the steps in the support site, setting ports to static, changing connections to conservative, installing siproxy. But we are unable to get the phones to connect.

If anyone could make some suggestions or perhaps may have used ClearSIP, any help would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you.


I generally tell people to put everything back to default (no port forwards/ no static ports..)

Instead make inbound firewall rules from the SIP server to the phones behind the firewall.   You will also want firewall rules that allow the RTP streams from whichever server(s) provide those streams inbound..

Also- if your phones are going out for a provisioning files then make sure you have /system_advanced_firewall.php   TFTP proxy set for your phone interface.
I can provide some screenshots of some of my sites here if you need..

Screenshots would be GREAT! I really appreciate it.

Does anyone else have any input on this issue? I appreciate it.


--- Quote ---But we are unable to get the phones to connect
--- End quote ---

No single word about possible pfSense misbehavior.


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