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Dolphin Emulator + UPnP not working


I have posted about this problem before but due to classes and what not I just gave up and switched back to my old firewall so I never followed up. I'm now determined to figure this out because I've been seeing this problem across the internet with no solution posted yet (and I also wanna play smash).
With that being said..

 Dolphin is a Gamecube emulator that supports online functionality via a traversal server. Basic premise being that you create a session then give the other person your session code. They enter this session code on their end into Dolphin and it connects both of you. This traversal server mode relies on UPnP to function properly afaik.

My problem:I recently switched from Advanced Tomato to PfSense. Since then I cannot seem to get UPnP to work with Dolphin. Whenever a connection is attempted I can see that the firewall blocks the connection from happening with the default deny all rule. I have added my local network to the ACL using

allow 1024-65535 1024-65535

But that does not seem to work. I've been testing using my work PC and remoting to home and attempting a connection between the two. I went as far as to allow my work IP address to connect to the WAN Net using any port. When I do this, it still does not work but I no longer see the connection being blocked in the firewall logs for some reason.

Any insight or troubleshooting tips would be appreciated.


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