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New pfsense installation at virtualized enviroment

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Hello everyone, I am newbie to solutions like pfsense and i would like to experiment and learn more about networking. I have a PC running proxmox VE with several VMs and an PCIE card Intel Pro 1000PT Quad Port 1GbE PCIe-x4 RJ45.

Can i create a VM and install pfsense on it in order to act as a router? Can i use it as a home production router? Is it safe?

My current hardware is an ISP modem/router, a proxmox server machine, a NAS server Machine, a gaming PC, a PS4 and another PC.

My network topology at the moment is something like above :

I use powerlines (3x tp link TL-PA4010P because i rent the house that I stay and the owner doesn't allow me to use UTP cables.)

How i can setup a proper and secure network for my devices? I suppose i should buy a switch, can you recommend me some switches?

My first concern is to secure my nas server(freeNAS os).

Thanks in advance,

So i created a VM inside proxmox and assigned 2 hardware NICs as bridge with VirtIO to pfsense, one for wan and the other for lan.

I plugged in my laptop to the nic that i assigned to pfsense and after i logged in to pfsense web interface i checked "Disable hardware checksum offload".

How i should proceed in order to configure pfsense as my home router?

Is that possible and safe if pfsense is running from a virtual enviroment?

My isp's modem/router should i turn it to bridge mode and connect it with the wan assigned port at pfsense? (i guess PPOE setup then?)

Have you gone through this?

I'm a VMware guy so I don't have any special knowledge about this type of installation.


--- Quote from: KOM on February 26, 2018, 02:28:34 pm ---Have you gone through this?

I'm a VMware guy so I don't have any special knowledge about this type of installation.

--- End quote ---

yes! this is exactly the setup i followed!

my considerations are now about the settings of the pfsense and the wiring.

Is the above wiring correct?

ISP's modem/router bridge mode --> pfsense WAN

pfsense LAN ----> switch ---> all my devices connected to switch including the managment port of proxmox (the physical PC where pfsense is running)

Wiring looks good.  Both NICs are in bridged mode, or whatever Proxmox calls it?


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