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Modifying URL via matching regex to rewrite url


Hi there, My name is Gozzi ทางเข้าufabet

While looking up how to append safe search parameters to the search engines requests at my house, had an idea (not related to search engines).  I go to a variety of sites, and continually have to reset parameters for the site.  Everything from sorting to date ranges.

How can I take a url, for example something like craigslist, and change/append the url with the parameters to show search results how I wish?

I am new at this, just starting to learn about pfsense as I wanted to ensure safe search for kids.


David สมัครufabet

-- modified to add - if this is not correct board, please let me know.

Firewalls generally speaking can not rewrite urls.
You need a sex, awk, Perl, python, php or xslt
Firewalls can:
1) examine packets and particularly sub-parts such as source ports and options (see tcp and I do definitions)
2) re-route flow/routing of packets
READ marks type fields of manage of iptables-extensions (also ip rule/route)



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