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This is my first post here. I am hoping that someone can help me clear up some issues that I am having.

I have pfsense deployed in the amazon cloud. I have several PBX systems running in the cloud. So far everyone has been fine connecting via a regular public IP to the PBX. Now we are starting to use 3CX. This platform requires us to have a local ip on the same network as the phone for remote provisioning. So in order to do this, we need to setup a VPN.

On the clients ends we have pfsense boxes. So my thought was to do a site to site VPN tunnel for the sites that will implement this.


I have followed some directions online and have been unable to communicate with anything other than the pfsense on the cloud side. (Ping and visiting the web page). If i try to ping or visit one of the other servers on the same subnet, nothing returns. However I know the pinging works because I can go machine to machine in the cloud.

Cloud VoIP Subnet

pfSense WAN > EC2 Public IP Address
pfSense LAN

Accounting PBX LAN

On the client end, at least for me:

pfsense WAN XX.X.X.X Static IP
pfsense LAN
pfsense OPT2 (VOIP) Subnet (IP is with DHCP and Options for Remote Provisioning.


I have done everything that tutorials state, including the firewall rules on the ipsec tab, etc. I dont see anything related to it in the Routing Tables, so I am not sure where to go from here. Is there anything I am missing?

Any help would greatly be appreciated. Thanks.


Can you ping a EC2 server from local?
Can you ping local from a EC2 server?

Are you using public and private route tables and subnets on AWS?


Thank you for the reply.

From the local (office) side, I can not ping the EC2 servers. I can however ping the EC2 server that is the pfsense (
I can also visit the pfsense configuration page (for the remote end) from the web on the local side.
I can not ping from an EC2 to local.

I feel like its something to do with the routing tables, but I am just not sure.



Are you using public and private route tables and subnets on AWS?


--- Quote from: NASMAN on February 27, 2018, 01:46:52 pm ---Are you using public and private route tables and subnets on AWS?

--- End quote ---

@beijingjim did this help?

Also why can you not just use the AWS VPN?
We use the AWS VPC VPN and a local pfSense box.


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