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Author Topic: Can access router through serial port but cannot get into webconfigurator  (Read 94 times)

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Can access router through serial port but cannot get into webconfigurator

Hello - I have a Pfsense 2.3.4 ITX Firewall Router 1-WAN 3-LAN 1-wireless Access Point (Patch 1) on the 'nanobsd' platform...  I've used it for 3 years now.  Recently, I've been working on VLAN and OpenVPN when I lost access to the webConfigurator.  I've reset the router to factory setting settings and rebooted several times.  I have a backup that I want to restore the router to, but can't get into WebConfigurator. Now I can get into the Serial Interface / Terminal session (Screenshot included) but cannot access the webconfigurator through or any other ip address I may use)  the connection just times out.  I can access the internet through this router.

If anyone has suggestions about what I could check, I would really appreciate it.

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Did you undo all the VLAN configuration you were playing with in the switch too? Traffic has to arrive on the LAN port untagged.

Connect a workstation/laptop directly to the LAN port.

Be sure DHCP server is running. It will be in a default configuration.
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Use this diagram to describe your issue.
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Have you previously assigned a static IP to the PC/client you are using to try and access the webconfig with or is DHCP assigning the IP?

If I remember right when I was trying to help you before your LAN subnet was and now it is

Maybe your PC/client is still set to the subnet so it cant access subnet?

I am probably wrong but it might be worth checking.
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I was able to get back into the router after setting my static IP address (and then unsetting it afterwards).  I was able to restore my router using a backup to the point BEFORE I tried to implement OpneVPN.   

This issue is resolved.  Thank you all for your help.