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Author Topic: ACME package update for ACME v2  (Read 594 times)

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ACME package update for ACME v2
« on: February 27, 2018, 04:05:40 pm »
ACME package v0.2.1 is available now for users on 2.4.2, 2.3.5, and with the next snapshot runs of 2.4.3 and 2.3.6.

This is a sizable updated to the ACME package which includes a number of improvements, including:

* updated to support ACME v2
* Wildcard domain support
  * EXPERIMENTAL!! This requires ACME v2 and ONLY the staging server is online right now. Use for testing only.
* ACME v2 server URLs added to Account Key options
  * EXPERIMENTAL!! ONLY the staging server is online right now. Use for testing only. Let's Encrypt is launching this service for production use soon, but it has been delayed.
* E-Mail Address support added to Account Key options
* Improve key length processing when creating a new certificate ( ) -- Must be a new certificate entry, renewing a certificate will not generate a new private key even if the selected size has changed.
* Fix DNS-Manual issue/renew action ("call hook error"/no cert imported)
* Misc other bug fixes

New Providers:
* AutoDNS (InternetX)
* Azure (Microsoft)
* DreamHost
* Namesilo
* Selectel
* Zonomi

Providers with updates/bug fixes:
* Aliyuncs
* ClouDNS
* Cloudxns
* Cloudflare
* GoDaddy
* Hurricane Electric
* ISPConfig
* Luadns
* NS1
* Yandex

The methods I am able to test here all worked fine, but as with any big update there is a potential for regressions. If any setup that was working before has broken in some way, please let me know, and be sure to include log output from the screen and /tmp/acme/<name>/*.log

If you need help setting up ACME for the first time, please start a separate thread.
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