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Pfsense + Clon PC + Virtual Box


Hello Guys,

Im new on this matters about pfsense hardware.

I want to install pfsense in the next scenario:

   - Clon PC:
      -  3 x Gigabit NICs ( TP-LINK TG-3468 Gigabit 10/100/1000Mbps, PCI-Express )
      -  Intel Core i3 Processor
      -  8 GB RAM
      -  128 SSD

The host operating system will be Windows 7, im planning to install virtual Box and then Pfsense on it.

I know this is more expensive than getting a Netgate product, but i already have the hardware i mentioned unused.

Also i want to know if using the NICs i mentioned would work, since im planning to use Two of them for WAN connection, and the other one for LAN.

Honest opinions about this idea?

Thanks !

Don't install Windows on it, don't use VirtualBox, also, just install pfSense directly.

Also: don't get the TG-3468. Don't get any of those. For the same price you can get a quad gigabit intel card.

pfsense will install on just about anything.  Pfsense doesn't seem to have a particular preference.  What u suggest will work.  Doing your initial install on hardware u already own is a good starting point. Can always save config file, and restore it to a more dedicated box in the future if u like.

Running on what you've got already as a test is not a bad idea.

What's your reasoning for running pfSense virtualised? If it's because you have other VMs to run then almost anything else would be a better hypervisor!

If you need Windows 7 running natively (rather than that in a VM too) pfSense will run ok in virtual box.


Do you plan on using pfsense to protect the windows 7 client, or is it only to run the pfsense on virtual box?  If only for pfsense, I would not recommend your setup.  If windows 7 gets bsod, or exploit, your pfsense box is down. 

If you need both, please look at a free esxi license.  (Vmware)
Then run pfsense and windows as virtual clients. 

Else, most secure is to install the pfsense direct to the box. 


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