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XG-2758 1U re-install problems

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I received a brand new XG-2758 from Netgate several months ago. I finally got around to turning it on and setting it up. When I went to upgrade the unit which was shipped with 2.3.4 to 2.4.2, the installer failed. From reading posts on this forum, it was suggested to try re-installing pfSense using the ADI image.

With the USB plugged into one of the USB ports on the XG-2758, and connected via console port, the unit immediately boots into the "ADI Engineering Rangely Managemnt Console". I am not given the option to boot from USB. In the ADI console, there is an update menu with the following option (send update.dat using Kermit protocol). Selecting this seems to do nothing - left running over night.

Can anyone help me boot from the USB?

You're connecting to the wrong console :) There are two console ports, try the other one.

Thank you. I'll give that a try. A couple of questions:

1. Why would a factory installation of pfSense fail an upgrade on a Netgate appliance fail an upgrade? I have two other Netgate devices purchased at the same time (on 2.3.4) that failed the installation.

2) What does the ADI acronym stand for?


Sure, let me know how it goes. To answer your questions:

1.That's a tough question to answer without more information. How did it fail exactly? You're saying this failed at three appliances? How were they configured? You may have found a bug.

2. ADI is one of our manufacturers.

The two other Netgate units were a SG-2440 and SG-4860. No packages were installed. It was literally the first action performed on the three firewall units.

Using System Update from the GUI, with the 2.4.x as the stable branch it returned upgrade failed. I didn't record the exact message. After the failure I was still able to access the GUI. At that point, I selected legacy general as the branch and attempted an upgrade to 2.3.5_1. Which succeeded. However, this remained in a reboot loop. I power cycled the unit and could not resolve the interface address.

This is when I started to look for info on the forums and found that by re-installing the ADI image on the unit, things should work again.

Thank you.


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