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Hi everybody,
I have a pfsense router in location A and other 10 (b,c,d,...n) locations. Can anyone tell me how to configure VPN IPsec A to b, A to c, ....etc; all sites to be connected only to A, and i want to be able to ping all sites from any other site (ex brom b to c)
site A local network
site b local network
site c local network
site n ....
 Thanks in advance.
I appologize if i puted this post twice.

We have this setup for small remote officers (about 10 to 15 users at each office)

You just want to make a IPSEC tunnel from A to B, A to C, A to D and so on.

I would test it with:
Mutual PSK and Pre-Shared Key
AES 128 bits
SHA1 - DH 2

AES 128 bits
PFS key 2


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