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I am having a problem setting up an IPSEC site to site VPN from PFSense to PFSense devices.  I have everything setup properly from what I know but it won't connect and I can't find any logging on it.

My setup is

OFFICE -->PFSense (behind firewall (Rogers Modem) with ports forwarded)---->WAN----->PFsense ---> network

It just sits in a connecting state.

Try to see what is going on with Diagnostics -> Packet Capture on the outgoing/incoming interface of the pfSense boxes on both ends.

This is in my logs

Looks like udp packets on port 4500 do not go between firewalls.

Ok so I allowed that now I am getting this and the configs are the same on both sides.

My Network is as follows:

WAN ->Public IP (NO NAT)
LAN ->

Site B
WAN -> (Natted as External IP)
LAN ->

Can't figure for the life of me whats going on.


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