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nextcloud in DMZ - Limit for remote users, none for LAN


We have a nextcloud server in the DMZ (behind a NAT-Portforwarding) and want to limit external users to not fully use up the 16 MBit/s DSL line when they download hosted files.
Internal users in LAN should have full speed, sure.

We tried apache-bandwidth-control with nearly no success.

Now we consider solving this on pfsense.

QoS is already used for VOIP on LAN and WAN, I assume we could solve this by setting/using (a) limiter(s)?

As I haven't used these before I am searching for a good example or howto, got a bit lost browsing the many forum pages  ... maybe someone has a good pointer?


I think I got it.

Defined 2 Limiter-Queues along
Then assigned them to the NAT-Rule on the WAN-interface.

First tests look good.
Is my solution correct?


--- Quote ---Is my solution correct?
--- End quote ---

It's correct if it solves the problem without introducing any new problems.  Have a read of this as well:

been there as well already  ;)  thanks


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