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connecting two networks without sharing internet access

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ok so we have two sites, each with their own internet connection site 1 and site 2
site 1 is my place and my ip range is
site 2 is my cousins house range is

we will be putting a wireless network bridge between our houses i am the one running pfsense with a quad gigabit intel nic.

we dont want to share internet access or have dhcp issues so we will have to block ports 67-68 on what ever kind of bridge we do.

will our networks talk to each other or do we have to setup some kind of static routes?

the thought i had was to connect the bridge to opt1 on my pfsense machine, bridge that to my lan then create a firewall rule to allow all traffic to pass to opt1 then create another rule that blocks udp 67-68. then on his end plug it into the "lan" port on his netgear router.

ive seriously been scratching my head and googling for a good 2 days in my spare time at work and for the life of me i cant figure out how to connect two network with different network addresses lik that.

Why would you bridge this?  You are using 2 different networks so you would not bridge your networks.

What sort of router is your cousin using?

The proper way to do this would be with a site to site connection over your wireless bridge between the locations.  This then allows you to firewall what you want, while allowing what you want, etc.

You could also use ipsec for your site to site.

What exactly are you using to bridge between your houses?  So routers running dd-wrt and pringle can antenna's or something like a real wireless bridge, say a unifi loco M2 or M5?

we are using engenius enstation5's to act as the physical bridge, what we are looking to do is be able to share eachothers nas's and basically share a complete network

guess the reason i was thinking bridge was i didnt realize you could do a vpn between two networks over a physical connection, our internet sucks which is why we are going for a physical link between them our uploads are 2mbs and 1mbs respectively.

thanks for the tip on using vpn, guess i will do some reading on how to configure that correctly

edit: ok so all the guides im looking at show using the WAN interface, would i simply switch that over to the LAN or would i want to use something like OPT1 to plug the bridge into.

Don't try and use tap or bridge your 2 networks... Use a typical site to 2 site sort of setup...

What router does your cousin have?  If you do not do it correctly and try and have say a host on his network do the vpn then you more than likely will end up with asymmetrical routing..  What you should end up with is something like attached.


yeah that drawing is exactly point on

im running pfsense hes running DDWRT im not 100% on his router exactly i do know its pretty new

im researching site to site vpn's currently, all the setups ive seen thus far involve setting the WAN as the interface for the connection as though it was a remote site to site, guess i need to work on my google skills a little more lol


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