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I want to redecorate my (small) Home Network setup physically and keep it technically as simple as possible. Mainly for 2 reasons:

* There are too many devices in my living room on the 1st floor (wife = >:( )
* And I want to create an additional (open)VPN connection for (mainly) my RPi/Kodi device.Because the Rpi/Kodi device is not powerful enough to run an openvpn client which provides descent speeds, I bought a Mini PC with 4 ethernet/nic ports and AES-NI (pfSense pre-installed). My Idea was to turn this device into my Main home router. But I found out that pfSense is much more than any router software. There are so many possibilities that you sometimes can not see the forest through the trees  ;).

Now the basic pre-installed Pfsense on the device has a WAN LAN OPT1 OPT2 where only the WAN and LAN are assigned to interfaces. But I want to create a home network as shown in the attached diagram.

The orange LAN cables (running through the hallway closet) are the connection between the first and second floor. This means I physically need the ethernet ports to connect my AP's and NAS to the gateway ( Besides that also the tunnel of the openVPN client needs to be assigned to an interface.

Can somebody give me advise how to set this up?


So you want all this stuff on the same network 192.168.1/24 Why would you use pfsense interfaces.  Get a small switch = done, connect your AP1,  AP2 nas to this switch.  Connect the switch to your lan interface..   Any 20$ 5 port switch would be good here.  But I would suggest a 8 port smart gig for like $30-35

That would allow you do vlans in the future and segment out your network vs everything being same network.

As to vpn.. It does not need a physical interface.

BTW: "(pfSense pre-installed)."  Where did you buy this?  Unless its netgate or a PARTNER companies are not allow to pre-install pfsense on some china box and sell it like that.


--- Quote ---(pfSense pre-installed)
--- End quote ---

You really should wipe it and install 2.4.2 yourself.  Who knows what they may have installed on that box.

A colleague found it during his trip to china.
Re-install would be step 1 at arrival, I first want to stress test the device.

I do have a 5 port switch (which means also an extra power connection $$)

Thanx for the tips!


--- Quote from: gschmidt on March 07, 2018, 03:14:44 pm ---A colleague found it during his trip to china.
--- End quote ---
Read this and you will want to immediately wipe it before letting it close to your network.


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