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My pfsense hardware problem is the hardware section(sg4680).
But I want to generate dns responses on raspberry pi linux to test my firewall but finding dns response packet dumps(even on serverfault) has become extremely difficult!
***I added the link to generate my desired dns response packets (possibly) ***
Example basic response(raspberry only has host cmd for dns and it says my response is malformed):
+00: <two byte serial id><0x8000:response packet w/ 0 rc>
+04: 0x0001 0x0001 0x0000 0x0000(end of 12 byte header)
+12: byte-length-of-label label byte-length-of-label label 0x00
qtype:0x0001 qclass:0x0001
 byte-length-of-label label byte-length-of-label label 0x00 
qtype:0x0001 qclass:0x0001
unsigned-int: time-to-live
byte-length-of-address(4) 4-byte-internet-address

Thx in advance,


I have a sg460 running unbound, and a bunch of raspberry pi's - what are you trying to query for exactly?

You do know you can install dig vs having to use host on your pi right?  I take it your just running raspian?

Host on raspberry pi says the following dns response byte array sent is malformed. Sample correct ipv4 response tcpdump packet dumps are welcome.
Sample dns response reported by(python) pprint of my output byte array:
The \x00\x01\x00\x01 sequences are the dns qtype and qclass words. Qclass 0x001 means internet and qtype 0x0001 means ipv4 address text address label.
The labels(readable text) are prefixed by a length byte and end when the length byte is zero.
The \x00\x00\x00D near the end is the time-to-live and \n is 0x0a field qtype meaning binary ipv4 address

Where does it say that??  Here is host query from my PI...

pi@pi3-ntp:~ $ host sg4860.local.lan
sg4860.local.lan has address
pi@pi3-ntp:~ $

The dns response is being generated by a python program I found to emulate a dns server. Jimmy Kane at github has something similar. 'uname -a' on my raspberry pi says "4.4.50-v7+ #970.. Feb 20 19:18:20th GMT 2017 ..."


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