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Set update branch to legacy stable version in command line


I'm unable to access the webgui on my pfsense.  currently on 2.3.4, need to update to 2.3.5 so I can then update to 2.4.2.

Not sure what the commands are to change the update branch from latest stable version to legacy stable version.


why can you not access your webgui?  Something is wrong where gui doesn't work, not sure upgrade is best idea, etc.

i have 2 netgate xg-2758 linked together in high availability sync.

Both were on 2.3.4, tried upgrading straight to 2.4.2.  Errored out, was then able to upgrade backup Xg-2758 from 2.3.4 to 2.3.5 then to 2.4.2.  So I'm confident the upgrade will work but not at all familiar with command line options.

Can still putty into primary xg-2758 and everything is still working.  I need to be either to change the update branch to legacy stable version so I can then run the update command or download 2.3.5 and install from shell.



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