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Author Topic: TinyDNS Sync Across OpenVPN Link  (Read 5159 times)

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TinyDNS Sync Across OpenVPN Link
« on: July 22, 2009, 09:56:37 am »
I apologize if this has been covered previously.

I have two networks joined together via an OpenVPN (routed) link--both boxes are running 1.2.3-RC1-full.  The subnets are 192.168.0.x and 192.168.1.x.  I had previously been using the DNS forwarder (dnsmasq) and DHCP server on each box with a different domain name for each location.  Each server had a DNS override for the other networks domain in the DNS forwarder (the gateway has an override pointing to for the other domain). 

This works, but I wanted to use a single domain name for both networks so I don't have to use FQDNs for hosts on the other side of the link (unless there's a way to have the DHCP server give out multiple search domains).

I've installed+setup tinydns on each gateway and made them both authoritative for a common domain and both have SOA entries in each server.   I've also enabled the forwarder and set it to register DHCP leases.  I've also enabled syncing on both gateways and provided them with the others' password.

Internal and external lookups work at both locations for hosts on the same network and the syncing appears to be working for manually entered A records.  However, the DHCP-generated entries don't seem to be propagating--I can't resolve hostnames on the other side of the tunnel unless there is a static entry.

Is there any way to force it to sync the dynamic entries as well?