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Diagnostics: Filter Reload Status - Broken?

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--- Quote ---This page will automatically refresh every 3 seconds until the filter is done reloading.
--- End quote ---

This doesn reload every 3sec like before. Is it broken?

Unless you have a very large ruleset, or a decent sized one and slow hardware, it's unlikely you can even see it reloading. All my boxes reload the ruleset too quickly to even see on there so I'm not sure.


--- Quote from: cmb on July 27, 2009, 11:30:36 pm ---it's unlikely you can even see it reloading
--- End quote ---
Sure -- because seems it DIDN'T reloads AT ALL :)
When I repeatedly refresh this page every 2-3 secs so sometimes here is a messages like "generating aliases" then "reloading" etc. and finally "done" can be seen.
("Official" 1.2.3-RC3, clean "base" install, P-MMX/233/128/20G ;) )

My machine wasn't doing the reload either, so I started over with 1.2.2 and it started working again.  I don't know what happened, also I've noticed since I did that my snort service is ending randomly.  My box was running fine for a while.  1ghz/512mb/20gig

Filter reloads work perfectly fine. If it's not reloading, it'll generate an alert, and you'll need to post the contents of that alert from the system logs.


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