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Author Topic: How to create an OpenVPN client to StrongVPN  (Read 149348 times)

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Re: How to create an OpenVPN client to StrongVPN
« Reply #150 on: October 22, 2015, 12:58:07 pm »
Hi guys,
Lately I had some time to think. and finally I bought a pc-based firewall (Attom d525 and 6 gigabit inter ports)
so I'm back with the idea of a serious router firewall using pfsense.

but no sure if this would be posible.

1 I can't remove my provider router (because I was not able to replace it with pfsense due to the TV packages)
so I have my router forwarding everything to the pfsesnse box and that normally works.
2 the question is now i'm thinking on getting  an vpn to access streaming services from abroad. (using openvpn)
do you think it would be posible with to have the pfsense box with the vpn open 24x7 and to have all the pc on the same network but only for certain ips modify the output to internet to use the vpn the rest of the ips going throught the standard gateway? (no vpn)
so they have access to my servers in the local network but internet they have different accesses.

At the moment I'm just thinking but That can be a nice setup.