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Author Topic: A thank you, and a small thing about the registration process.  (Read 2249 times)

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Howdy all.

Just wanted to say 'thanks!' to the people responsible for PFSense, Squid, and SquidGuard.  Fantastic things, they seem to be exactly what I've been lookin' for, but didn't, somehow, find until this week.

So... Thanks! (please pass it along for those who aren't roamin' about here.)

I would have put that in the thread a little lower, but it seems to be locked...


Secondly, I had an issue with the forum registration. 

It asks "Are you a human?"  And gives only three answers, No (default), Unsure, Yes.

Now, I wanted to type in "No sir, I am a meat popsicle." but it didn't want to listen.  And sometimes, I do question my humanity... so I said "Unsure."

Apparently that's not good enough.  I had to lie a little and say 'Yes' so I could finish the registration.  Which I did, a little lie isn't gonna hurt anyone in this matter, I suppose...

And while I'm ok with that, any other non-humans might be rankled, rise up, and, oh, I dunno.  Rabble-rabble or something. 

Anyway.  Figured I'd tell you guys/gals that.

/Ok, yes, I'm just a tad outside normal.
//But what is 'normal' anyway?
///Thanks so much again!

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Re: A thank you, and a small thing about the registration process.
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No sir, I am a meat popsicle
Bruce Willis, Welcome!