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What is git-sync used for? updates to the image?


It's for updating the PHP code and other scripts without altering the binaries.

Often there are quick fixes in code that only take a gitsync to correct. Other times binary upgrades are required.

So, this would eventually replace the current update mechanism? The git repository used will be the one provided by pfSense team right?

Thanks for the explanation.


--- Quote from: torontob on April 02, 2012, 05:19:58 pm ---So, this would eventually replace the current update mechanism?

--- End quote ---

No, it strictly updates source, not binaries. It's always been available as an option for updating but you have to know what you're doing since it doesn't update binaries and you can break things at times if you don't get the associated binary updates. It comes from the official github repo.

Maybe I remember incorrectly, but didn't there used to be a ULR field and UI in the web configurator to initiate a gitsync? Don't seem to be able to find it, unless this moved to some unexpected location.


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