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Author Topic: [VirtualBox] WinXP client can't reach the WebGUI or ping pfSense  (Read 2828 times)

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Hi Geeks!

I hope anyone could answer my questions, because I've allready invested several hours because of this problem.

The problem is, as the title says: The windows xp client can't reach the WebGUI from pfSense. The client can't also ping pfsense :(

The VirtualBox Configuration:
+ Windows XP Client
 - One Bridged Adapter
   with ip adress: subnetmask

+ pfSense installed on harddrive
 - Two bridged adapters
   pcn0 LAN ->
   pcn1 WAN ->

I've turned both firewalls off during troubleshooting, but it didn't fixed the problem..

Browsing to doesnt work, and pinging the firewall won't work either.
When I change the client his IP address into, and if I ping the pfSense firewall after changing the ip I don't get the msg 'Time-Out' but 'Destination host unreachable'

PS: I also tried the internal adapters on both devices.

UPDATE: When I use the VirtualBox Host adapters on all devices -> I am able to ping between the host (laptop) and the client (virtual windows XP). But pfsense (virtual) won't respond :(
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Re: [VirtualBox] WinXP client can't reach the WebGUI or ping pfSense
« Reply #1 on: May 21, 2012, 05:33:42 am »
If I recall correctly, I had trouble with running pfSense in a VirtualBox VM when VirtualBox provided emulated AMD (pcn?) NICs to pfSense. The problem went away when I changed (in VirtualBox) the NIC emulation to Intel E1000 (82554 chipset?) - pfSense devices em0 and em1.

It is not clear what you have bridged with what. (It takes some care to get it right.) I presume the Windows VM is bridged with the pfSense LAN NIC and the pfSense WAN NIC is bridged with a NIC connecting to a modem connecting to the Internet.