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Since the 2.1 package building process is shaping up and there are a lot more PBI binaries up now, we could use some help tracking down what packages do or do not work (and if they don't, how they're broken...)

I have started a spreadsheet here:

The purpose of this thread is just for quick yes/no reports about packages and if they work or not, and maybe if they don't work a quick description of how.

I don't expect many problems from purely PHP packages (like shellcmd or cron) but because PHP 5.3 depreciated some functions you might get some PHP errors that will need to be fixed up.

Mostly if you are currently using a package on 2.1 with success and it's not marked with a 'Y' in the "working" column, I'd love to know about it so I can fill in the sheet. If not, drop a note here with a link to a thread here on the 2.1 board (or a redmine ticket, but forum is best if it doesn't exist yet) about a specific package that's known to be broken and I'll mark it as not working.

The packages marked as being disabled are known to be not working so we don't need reports for those just yet.


I'll be cleaning up this thread a bit once things are addressed/noted.

Many fixes for PBIs happened this week, in snapshots and the package repository. Be sure you are on a snapshot dated June 23rd or later before testing packages.

EDIT: Still refining the PBI build style for a few packages and rebuilding as needed, reducing the overall compile time and the need to install multiple PBIs.

Dependency issues should be OK so long as you are on the latest snapshot (June 23rd or later) or one from this week that has been gitsync'd. As a test, I fixed up one package that had been having dependency issues, bandwidthd. On a VM that is using the current code, bandwidthd installs and runs OK (yay).

EDIT: [June 23, 2012, 6:15pm] ALL possible PBIs have been uploaded - every package that has a binary dependency and a proper entry in FreeBSD ports listed in the pkg XML now has a PBI, so if you're on code from June 23 or later it should be safe to test any package up there.
EDIT: [June 30, 2012, 7:15pm] PBIs were all rebuilt due to a bug causing the excluded files to not be removed. Should save a bit of space now.
EDIT: [July 03, 2012 ] Squid, SquidGuard, HAVP, NUT, NRPEv2, IMspector, dns-server should all be OK now.
EDIT: [July 05, 2012] Avahi, Zabbix Proxy, Zabbix Agent, Blinkled, and lightsquid should all be OK now.
EDIT: [July 07, 2012] Full PBI rebuild complete again, this time man pages were excluded, so PBIs should be even smaller.

EDIT: [June 5, 2013] Closing thread.

--- Quote ---Locking this thread for now, separate threads are better from here on.

The purpose of this thread was for problems specific to 2.1 -- meaning, package X worked on 2.0.x, but not 2.1. Most of those have been fixed, but packages that were broken on 2.0.x are also likely broken on 2.1 (e.g. stunnel, vhosts, freeswitch) and that's beyond the scope of what this thread is meant to deal with.

I was originally doing triage trying to fix what I could on things to get things in decent shape, but we're at the point now where the package maintainers for items with remaining issues need to step up and fix what few things are left. In the cases where there are no active package maintainers for certain packages, someone with the time/knowledge may have to take them on.
--- End quote ---

mailreport 1.2 is working a treat for me on 2.1.

FYI- Package builds were moved to a new pair of VMs so they were all recompiled and re-uploaded, so be on the lookout for any breakage. I don't expect much, since the PBI builds are fairly self-contained and don't tend to have problems, but the base OS on the VMs is actually FreeBSD 8.3 to match 2.1 now, it was FreeBSD 8.1 before, so there is the chance that some difference there may make things behave differently.

In anything, I'd actually expect some things to improve...

open-vm-tools is working fine for me on the latest snapshot (it auto-upgraded and VMWare reports it's working)

Where might I be able to download those VMs?  I have been hoping to cook up a stund package for 2.1.


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