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I know that this is the time to settle down and hunt critters to reach 1.0 with reliability.
But I'd like to start this topic for the long run future.

Hi guys,
I was wondering, wish packages would you like to see in pfSense besides the ones that we already have?
Post your thoughts.


I think that after "a reliable version" pfSense should enable interaction with other free/commercial products, or at least stablish an API in order to communicate other products with pfsense in a structured manner ;)

Hope this helps and likes ;)



Go ahead, This thread is now stickied.

Maybe later we can add polls based on what's in this and other whislists.

Please do NOT crosspost or post duplicates.

Just judging from the comments on the mailing list I think the following packages are probably likely to show up on the wishlist:

HAVP (especially if it can be integrated cleanly with squid)
Dansguardian (probability of licensing issues for commercial users)
p3scan (will require either dspam or spamassassin)

I'd be interested to see what other spam/virus filtering solutions people would like to see packaged up.  For a firewall, there isn't a single pre-packaged solution to do the job.  I think after the new package infrastructure is in place there will be a real influx of very interesting packages.  At least I hope so. 

It depends on what the focus of pfsense is?  and what the developers define as a successful project.

Distrowatch has hundreds of distros and projects each with a focus that is successful or not so.  If a definition of success is the sheer number of users and the size of the community, then features are critical in the development of a distro. There are a number of projects in the firewall space each with their own advantages, however if pfsense is to become a hugely successful community then looking at firewall project features that are popular is important as this will attract interest to develop a community.

For example IPCop is sucessful in that it has had 2.5 million downloads for the 1.4 series, however I do not think the project developers are aware just how much the addons with features such as content filtering and client side friendly VPN projects such as OpenVPN popularize the project.

Given this, how does a development team decide what will be a successful feature?


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