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Watchguard Firebox XTM 8 Series

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Having recently won a Watchguard Firebox XTM 810 in an unknown bidding war with Stephenw10, I've started this thread to help document it for others.

Mine came with no PSU or CF card.

The PSU for this is a 270w job - FSP270-60LE looks to be the OEM part supplied in these XTM 8's.

The juicy bits;
There is a unused PCI Bus header at the back on the left side of the motherboard.

The left 4 network ports are on daughter board which also has a Cavium Networks Nitrox PX CN1620 chip []
Daughterboard connects via a PCI Express 16x connecter.

1x CPU Quad Core Intel Q9400
1x VGA marked up on the board near CPU/Chipset - 11 pin header.
1x KB/Mouse marked up on the board near LCD ribbon connector - 6pin header.
1x SPI-ROM 10pin header
1x Sata connector on the board, next to it is a SunplusIT SATALINK SPIF223A-HF022 ic.
1x COM2 header connected to rear serial port.
Also COM1 and USB2.0 marked up on the board but no headers soldered in.
3x CPU fan headers at the rear.
1x case fan heared at the rear.
2x DDR2 Slots - 1 populated, board marked DDR2 800
10x LAN ports:
- Mainboard 5x Intel 82573L NIC + 1 NIC same as daughterboard ones below
- Daughtboard 4x Intel NIC however very difficult to make out the numbers looks like 82574L or 82674L
Markings near CPU socket - FSB 1333 and MB-8750 WG1 V1.1

LCD Display sticker: VITEK DISPLAY VC220W-GGE-JC01. PCB marking 202W-REVS.1

No network relays on the boards - although solder pads and markings are there.

Pictures here:


Booting up with no CF card in gives me this output in PuTTY:

--- Code: ---                                                                                   
AMIBIOS(C)2006 American Megatrends, Inc.                                       
MB-8750 Ver.AAA 12/02/08                                                       
CPU : Intel(R) Core(TM)2 Quad CPU    Q9400  @ 2.66GHz                           
 Speed : 2.66 GHz                                   
                                                    (F3 on Remote Keyboard)                               
The MCH is operating with DDR2 800/CL5/Tras18/Trp5/Trcd5                       
Initializing USB Controllers .. Done.                                           
2039MB OK
Reboot and Select proper Boot device                                           
or Insert Boot Media in selected Boot device and press a key
--- End code ---

Looks like it's all working then. Always a bit of a risk buying incomplete from ebay.  ;)

I imagine the lcd is compatible with all their previous models.

I assume it has an arm/disarm led on the front? Does it come up correctly as red when you boot the bios?

Interesting that the bios date is two years earlier than the XTM5. Might just be Lanners date.

Also a bit odd that they chose to use com2 and have it at the rear.  :-\

Does it have thermal fan control? The unmodified XTM5 bios would allow you to check the system temperatures and voltages and almost nothing else.


Yeah it seems to be working ok, as far as I can tell without having a CF card or a hdd to hand.

Ebay is a gamble at the best of times anyway ;) PSU's are built to take the damage without passing it on to the motherboard so I was pretty confident it would be ok - unless it blew due to a short on the motherboard - took it out to ensure no screws were stuck under and it was all clear :)

The LCD seems to be the same as previous models as you say so should be ok.

There is an arm/disarm led on the front, it hasn't lit up yet.

Yeah COM2 is a bit weird I guess - the Lanners FW-8750 does have one at the front - it's marked but un headed on the XTM8 next to the front USB ports.
Having looked at Lanner's website and registered, there is no bios update for the FW-8750 board :(

There is however some useful info there about the FW-8750 of which this board seems to be from:

Processor: Supports one Intel Core 2 Quad, Core 2 Duo, Pentium dual-core processor, LGA 775
Chipset: Intel Q35 + ICH9D0
Front Side Bus: 1333/1066/800 MHz
Max Speed: 3.0GHz

System Memory
Technology: Dual-channel DDR2 800/667 MHz
Max Capacity: 4GB
Socket: 240P DIMM x 2

HDD Bay(s) 3.5 x 1
Storage Interface: Serial ATA x 4, CompactFlash (type II) x 1

Ethernet Ports: 6 onboard (RJ45 x 6), 2 pair support bypass function, 1 optional module
Controller: Intel 82573L x 5, Intel 82566DM x 1, see module specifications for expansion ports

Supported Modules
NM-8750G4A: 4 port GbE (RJ45 x 4) Intel 82574L
NM-8750S4A: 4 port SFP (SFP x 4) Intel 82575EB

I/O Interface
Console: DB9 RS-232 x 1
USB 2.0: 2
Expansion: RC-87501A: PCI x1

Processor: 1U CPU active heatsink (3 cooling fans)
System: Cooling fan x 1 with Smart Fan

Environmental Parameters
Temperature, ambient operating / storage: 0C ~40C / -20C~70C
Humidity (RH), ambient operating 5 ~ 90%, non-operating: 5 ~ 95%, non condensing

LCD Module: 2 x 20 character
Internal RTC with Li Battery

Physical Dimensions
426x44.4x396 mm (16.7x1.7x215.6 in) (WxHxD)
Weight: 8.2 kg (18.1 lbs)

Type / Watts: 1U ATX SPS / 270W
Input: AC 100~240V at 50~60Hz

So potential to stick in a lower powered Core 2 Duo to get the watts down. Worth noting is that this board can take a 3.16Ghz Quad Core 2 processer!

It does seem to have themal fan control from the specs above and from having a poke in the BIOS. It powers them up at full thurst when first switched on, then slows them to almost a stop, then back to around 75% of the inital power up speed.

The only thing the BIOS allows you do do is set the time and date, and thats it. But you can view a load of other pages, temps, boot order and a bunch of other things I can't recall from late last night.

I did however log the screens from PuTTY - see next post.


BIOS menus from XTM 8

Done as screen shots as it was easier than having to format the PuTTY log file!


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