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No internet access from DMZ(OPT1)

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i am not able to access internet from DMZ(OPT1) interface. I have created rule in DMZ(OPT1) which is same as default rule in LAN for accessing internet. below is the rule for DMZ from firewall.

Proto   Source          Port   Destination   Port        Gateway   Queue
*    DMZ_LOCAL net    *        *             *           *            none    

is there any thing more i need to do.

Check your outbound NAT (Firewall > NAT, Outbound tab)

if you're on manual outbound NAT, add rules for the DMZ subnet.

If you're on automatic outbound NAT it should already work, but make sure under Interfaces > DMZ that you do NOT have a gateway selected (only choose a gateway on WANs, not local interfaces)

Total newbie here having the very similar issue.

I have created an outbound firewall rule for the OPT. I'm using automatic outbound NAT rule generation.

However on the "interface" page for OPT I have no gateway defined and no choice in the pop-up (although I have defined a gateway for the LAN part which works fine - I would hvw expected that geteway showing up there ?). If I try to manually add my WAN gateway I get a "please wait" message forever.

Pretty much stumped at this stage

"However on the "interface" page for OPT I have no gateway defined and no choice in the pop-up"

Which is how it should be - its a LAN interface, it should NOT have gateway.

Ok - understood.

So except for creating an outbound firewall rule is there anything else I should do to get internet access on my OPT subnet ? How should we go about diagnosing this ?


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