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HEADS UP: Updated em/igb/ixgbe back in snapshots

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Due to multiple regressions in the behavior of previously-stable igb and ixgbe interfaces, the updated drivers are being backed out again. We have had reports from customers of their igb interfaces failing or having extremely poor performance, ix interfaces failing to pass traffic for periods of time, and panics from both. The drivers on 2.1-RELEASE worked for these cases (though with ixgbe there was an mbuf leak), so we will be moving back to those so there will at least not be a regression from 2.1-RELEASE to 2.1.1-RELEASE in that area. The change has not yet happened, but will soon.

As much as we'd like to include the updated drivers, they just are not working well and they are holding up 2.1.1. We'd rather get the release out, with all of its beneficial fixes, and work on 2.2 where the drivers are much more stable and functional without all the extra effort. Though we hoped for improvement, apparently a fix that works for everyone just isn't viable on a FreeBSD 8.3 base. FreeBSD 10 is the answer and the way forward, so that's where the focus is moving.

If you need the updated drivers for your hardware and you are not experiencing any other problems/regressions, you may want to save a copy of a current snapshot that works for you so that you can use it until 2.2 arrives.

Update: The new drivers have been fixed and are once again included in current snapshots. If you have issues, please report them in a separate thread with as much detail as possible.

Does this include wireless drivers too such as Atheros AR9280 for example?

This only affects em, igb, and ixgbe

Jason Litka:
Grrr...  I just ordered a Rangeley board an hour ago.  Time to go cancel.  :)

Agreed though, these new drivers are seriously flaky for me.


--- Quote from: jimp on February 18, 2014, 06:41:49 am ---This only affects em, igb, and ixgbe

--- End quote ---

I was hoping this update would include Atheros drivers that work again, that chipset used to work with 2.0.3 but it's broken on 2.1, & I can't find any 2.0.3 images any longer on mirrors.



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