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Author Topic: [SOLVED] + squid + MultiWAN + ISP transparent proxy  (Read 2304 times)

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pSense1 2.1 32 bit nano
* 3 WAN from differents ISP
* One link has ISP transparent proxy
* Outgoing balancer (gateway grouping)
* 1 LAN

pfSense2 2.1 64 bit
* 1 WAN to pfSense1
* 4 LAN (DMZ, Users, WiFi1, WiFi2)
* squid3-dev + squidGuard-squid3 working at 4 LAN
* proxy.pac for each LAN,

Local DNS (FreeBSD server + pfSense)
SSL disabled for, and records at local DNS

Problems if using ISP with transparent proxy
Login at GoogleApps Services sometimes failing
Google Calendar not apperaring,
Slow (or not response) when using Google searches. Users switching to Bing  ???

Just policy routing (LAN Rule specifying Gateway) at pfSense1 (outgoing balancer) ( to other ISP not having (problematic) transparent proxy.

At home I have another ISP with transparent proxy. I have a user WebGUI administration to turn on/off the service and configure my exceptions. I haven't any trouble with it. So, not all transparent proxies are problematic for

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