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One WAN as Default gateway while using 3 WANs as load balancing


I am using Multi WAN (3 WANs) setup.  When I got to "System --> Routing --> Gateways" I have to select one of the WAN as DEFAULT.  Would it affect my LoadBalancing ?  I have already created new Firewall Rule for (LAN) by selecting GATEWAY as "loadbalancing" rule.

Hi, i am in the same condition,  i dont unrstand the following thing:
when you create a group of tree gateways (all tier 1), what we are suppose to do with the defaul gateway option?
To leave it marked or to unmark?
thank you in advance


Hi spice,

       You can leave the default gateway as it is. In your Firewall LAN rules add a rule before the default rule with gateway as loadbalancing gateway.

The default gateway is required if you are doing static routing.


You can think of the default gateway as your primary wan. But this gets affected by your gateway groups when LB kicks in.

Do note that traffic originating from the pfSense system itself will always use the default gateway. It's not possible to redirect locally originating traffic to a specific WAN connection or to a gateway group in pfSense/FreeBSD.


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