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2.2-BETA snapshots now available

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For those who want to help test the next release, 2.2-BETA snapshots are up for testing at

Update URLs for use in firmware update settings:

Be aware there are some rough edges but many things should function. That said, you should not expect to use these in production yet. Lab environment or tinkering only at this stage.

In particular, CARP, IPsec, and Wireless are good testing targets.

EDIT: [Oct 7, 2014, jimp] - Updated snapshot auto-update URLs.
EDIT: [Dec 15, 2014, jimp] - Updated snapshot auto-update URLs.

Jason Litka:
Can I run 2.1 and 2.2 in a CARP pair or are there major config changes that would break?  I'd be ok with testing this on one of my prod boxes as long as the other can stay on 2.1.x.


We don't recommend you run it in production, yet.

Dashboard is now reporting "FreeBSD 10.1-PRERELEASE". In past (ALPHAS) it was "pure 10.0". Is there going to be any more changes regarding base-OS for pfSense 2.2?

We have been tracking 10-STABLE, will likely land on 10.1 depending on the timing.


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