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Author Topic: Is it possible to set up CNAME lookups with Unbound pkg for google safe search?  (Read 1976 times)

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I'm trying to figure out how to do this on my pfSense box (2.1.5) in a home / family environment that's been running pretty well for about 3 years. I just added the Unbound pkg, but have not activated it yet.
Based on Google's instructions, I'm trying to do this:
"Add a new CNAME record on your local DNS server for your local Google domain(s) pointing to For this example, we will be using Create a CNAME record for that points to"
Appreciate any help!

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That type of CNAME requires a full-fledged authoritative name server like BIND. It won't work with a caching resolver like Unbound (or even dnsmasq) -- they require such a query to be answered locally/directly.
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Hi David
You can do is lookup the ip for which is

and then activate the dns forwarder and create an entry

Host: www

Then you point the DNS-entry of your client machines or your dhcp server to the IP of your pfsense.

If you also want to block all other 195 domains that google has active you can import the forwarder file I created (see below) by going to :

Diagnostics -> Backup/restore -> Restore configuration -> Restore Area: DNS Forwarder

Hope this helps. Keep in mind that the IP-Address can change in the future.