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Thanks for sharing with us the road map.  It's nice to know where the chauffeur is taking us.
Any mile stone timeline goals, estimates, hopes, wishful thinking, anything?

Seeing all the coming changes is really exciting and I'm looking forward to playing them. I do have a couple questions after reading the blog entry though, about hardware.

What is going to be the minimum levels of hardware to support all the new features?

Are you or Netgate going to be able offer something in the $200.00 range for the low-end market, folks with small networks and not a lot of speed or traffic? The new SG-2440 looks really nice but the price is out of what I can justify for my needs.

I'd really love to move on to the new 3.0 if at all possible at my price point, sounds like a lot more fun than staying with the legacy 2.X releases.

The PCengines APU is 64 bit, 2GB or 4GB real memory, 3 NICs and in that price range. That provides a suitable base system for me in the low-power-consumption, small office/home office niche and it should run pfSense 3.0 with no problem. And there are other low-end 64-bit systems out there also. With the ARM on FreeBSD things happening, I would guess there will be low-end 64-bit ARM hardware that will also meet the low-end needs.

Roadmap looks good. Separating the GUI presentation code from the input validation from the backend implementation is really needed. Then other bits like pfCenter can have well-defined interfaces to use to make multi-system config changes and get monitoring data...

If Python turns out to be the major selected language for a lot of the code, then thanks for the opportunity to learn another language ;)
What ever happened to good old that some of us know (and loved?) Cobol, Fortran  :-\

COBOL and Fortran in a forum thread and the late, great FZ invoked in a pfSense blog post. 

So now I feel I can post some details of my first computer.

Yeah, Python sounds good as a new language.

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