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New Package Child Boards


In an effort to make the Package board more usable we implemented child boards for packages that perform certain functions (listed below):

Cache/Proxy is for packages whose functions are caching and proxy such as squid, lightsquid, squidGuard, etc:

IDS/IPS is for packages whose functions are Intrusion Detection and Intrusion Prevention such as snort, suricata, etc:

Traffic Monitoring is for packages that handle bandwidth and network traffic monitoring functions such as bandwidtd, ntopng, etc.

pfBlockerNG is for discussion of the pfBlockerNG package.

Moving forward, if it belongs in one of those categories please post there. As other package functions become more popular their child boards will be created.

edit: clarification
edit: add Bandwidth/Network Monitoring
edit: change to Traffic Monitoring
edit: add pfBlockerNG


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