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Frequent package install issues

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At home where my internet is often crud, like right now, I get package install issues that now happen much more frequently on 2.2.3-DEVELOPMENT - I guess this is an effect of the change of default connection_timeout from 60 to 5 seconds in download_file().

The disturbing thing is that a "failed" message appears when a file fails to download (good) and the immediately continues (not trying to download other files - to be expected) but seems to barrel through the rest of the attempted install and give a normal-looking "Package reinstalled" message. I expected it would error out and try to uninstall whatever bits of the package it had managed to install:

--- Code: ---Removing mailreport components...
Package XML... done.
Configuration... done.
Beginning package installation for mailreport .
Downloading package configuration file... done.
Saving updated package information... done.
Downloading mailreport and its dependencies...
Loading package configuration... done.
Configuring package components...
Loading package configuration... done.
Additional files... mail_reports_generate.php failed.
Custom commands...
Menu items... done.
Writing configuration... done.

Package reinstalled.
--- End code ---

PS: I have got sick of the packet loss and down/up of my current ISP. The payment runs out this week, so changing to another ISP tomorrow - we will see if I get any reliability.

The behavior of continuing on regardless after a file download has failed seems to be due to the fact that pkg_fetch_additional_files() has code in it to return status (true/false/-1) at various points. But none of the calls to pkg_fetch_additional_files() checks the return status. It seems that when pkg_fetch_additional_files() was created, previous code was cut/pasted into it but the "links" in the chain of return status checking were not made.
Time for sleep in my TZ. I might have a look at this tomorrow, if no-one else mods it first.

Well, I've seen it fail at the very beginning on "fetching" the list of packages, and then it successfuly reinstalled (read - miserably failed) all the packages.

hm, if you bump the timeout back up, does it then succeed? 5 seconds to establish a HTTPS connection is a really long time even on the worst of Internet connections.

Well that's not really the problem, the problem is that it states something got reinstalled when it has not.

I'm randomly having issues with downloading the package list, even in the GUI. Fails to load, works a minute later. I think it's got something to do with IPv6.


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