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2.2.3 release is near!

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The most recent snapshot at the time of this writing should be very close to what the final release will be. One more snapshot run building now, then we'll be building release and going through the final testing process.

Your help in testing would be appreciated!

Has 2.2.3 got the updated openSSL and fixes


--- Quote from: iced on June 24, 2015, 08:28:00 am ---Has 2.2.3 got the updated openSSL and fixes

--- End quote ---
As per the other sticky post in this forum:
The changes are documented at
Search for "SSL".

I added some more notes to that page a few moments ago, re: OpenSSL

And it is here:
@cmb - Just I minor cut-paste-update missed in the pfSense digest:

--- Quote ---from any previous version straight to 2.2.2
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