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pfsense versuin : 2.2.4

i try to find the NDP on the gui but i don't find
i try with ICMP proxy but it is not working

i need it because :

i can see ICMP6 echo request (tcpdump on wan interface)  IPv6 lan but not the echo reply , ISP box don't  reply (ping is not  blocked/dropped on the box)
ping working from lan to pfsense wan interface

thank you for your help


Dude, fix your firewall rules to allow ICMP(v6), instead of searching for proxies (WTF?!?!)

same rules as IPv4.
ICMP IPv4 running fine ...
is other rule(s) needed ?
as i say tcpdump run fine lan to pfsense's lan and wan IPv6 ip
pfsense's lan can't ping IPv6 internet (eg :
pfsense's wan can ping IPv6 internet (eg:
 thank you for your help

There is no NDP proxy. There is no need for one.

The LAN subnet and WAN subnet must be different. You can't use NPt or similar to NAT a "private" IPv6 LAN to the WAN IPv6 subnet. There must be separate subnets for WAN and LAN and the LAN subnet must be routed to your firewall's IP address in the WAN subnet.

fxxxxxg ISP ....
give me a /56 without  subnet ...., so i think i can't use pfsense for IPv6

i go to see with ISP
thank you


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