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Author Topic: X11SBA-LN4F vs A1SRi-2558F  (Read 44889 times)

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Re: X11SBA-LN4F vs A1SRi-2558F
« Reply #210 on: November 10, 2017, 04:13:57 am »
Was a little disappointed that i have to order the correct I/O Shield for my 505 Rackmount case. For that price it could have been included...
Normally it let you safe money! It is included in the desktop and in the 1U bare bone and for custom cases
you may donīt need it because you will be need there also a custom I/O shield.

What i wanted to ask the Supermicro owners. The CPU Cooler is wobbling. So it does not sit tight. you can move it with your finger. Is that normal? There are springs on the pins. I do not understand how this construction work or should work...
Any cooler should be sitting tough on the chip, and if there will be something wbbling it cou ld be that during
the transport one of the small pins (with the springs) is broken or only jumped out of the hole in the board
to get a better overview over that you should turn around that board and watch from the underlying or
bottom side that this both pins are inserted and not has broken snappers. This are in normal $ cent
articles and can be mostly obtained from the next electronic parts shop for cheap. For low budget
you be able to order them at for $2.14 (10 pieces) as an example.

Here are some examples of this pins (with springs):
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Re: X11SBA-LN4F vs A1SRi-2558F
« Reply #211 on: November 10, 2017, 03:47:36 pm »
thank you very much for your very detailed explanation!
I checked it and pins and springs are OK.
There are only 2 Pins for the cooler and you can move it so that the springs are become more tention.
So it seems that it works as it should work and that there is some lash for the cooler.
Temp is about 50° in my supermicro 505 rackmount case without active cooling in a full network rack.

I took a better look at the standard shield from the case. and yes, it works if you open every inlay and leave it closed for displayport/hdmi.