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We've had 2.2.5 snapshots available for some time, but we wanted to get a board up to get more attention on testing since we're nearing release.

The list of changes is available here.

Remaining open target 2.2.5 tickets here.

Full details of changes are in the RELENG_2_2 branch on Github.

And it begins. Welcome!

pfsense man:
loadbalancing capabilites with proxy server only works on pfsense 2.0.3 and not works on the others pfsenses
I have a big problems with squid proxy in load balancing ,Not work tcp_outgoing_address in squid proxy and floating rules in firewall
please check this problem in new pf 2.2.5

This is not the topic to discuss Squid.

pfsense man:
Many friends said that this problem because not work properly floating rules


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