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Title: Watchguard X750e with pfSense 2.3.4 NIC LED-Fix available!
Post by: pfworker79 on May 06, 2017, 03:55:17 pm
New Watchguard X750e with Marvell network interface driver modules (sk + msk) available

What: Fixes NIC's LED-indicators to display correctly.

Target: Compiled for FreeBSD 10.3 32-bit. Tested with pfSense version 2.3.3 + 2.3.4.

   1. Download the attached zip-file.
   2. Check the download intergrity using md5 which should be F34F03541D4D958407623B30EE68E119.
   3. Unpack the zip-file to a temporary destination folder.
   4. Login to the Watchguard with eg. WinSCP as root user.
   5. Copy the unpacked files if_sk.ko + if_msk.ko to the /boot/modules directory.
   6. Add the following lines to /boot/loader.conf.local

   5. Reboot the Watchguard.