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yes, i can not ping to ipv6 global, because ipv6 is global installed in mikrotik router, and between mikrotik router and pfsense i only use local address, i also have not added rules on LAN interface?
what rules should I add? ;D

IPv6 / Client in LAN Interface Cannot ping ipv6 link local on WAN Interface
« on: February 28, 2018, 05:05:59 am »
Hello expert,
I'am a newbie to pfsense, and I build multiwan using pfsense, i use mikrotik as router ISP 1 and ISP 2, and on pfsense I use ipv6 link local address between router ISP and router pfsense, but to my client configure static ipv6 global, I configure assisted router advertisement on lan interface and My client gets ipv6, my client can ping to LAN Interface but cannot ping to WAN Interface.
does anyone know where the fault is?

Ok, Thank you for the help and response @johnpoz :)

Where I can find that setting ? ;D :D

Hello, all
i'm a new user in pfsense, and i have a problem.
initially all clients can connect to the internet, but after some time arrived "all clients can not connect again, but still can ping to google dns like and
when I look in the system logs menu, I see that the LAN interface is blocked with a comment like the following
@5(1000000103) block drop in log inet all label "Default deny rule IPv4"
Anyone can help me please...

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