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Official pfSense Hardware / SG2440 cold boot
« on: November 14, 2017, 07:58:10 pm »
Minor item...

I have an SG-2440 that was ordered with the eMMC - added an Samsung EVO 850 mSATA SSD to the device, and reinstalled pfSense 2.3.3 on it, leaving pfSense and the partitions on the eMMC alone. (misguided thought here might be that the eMMC would be a safe fallback in case of power loss)

All good - on the first start - console cable attached, no issues noted with booting from the SSD, and things seemed to be fine.

Just as a precaution - did a quick fsck from the console, and no issues found..

Last two times with CoreBoot on a cold start - the 2440 was waiting for a boot command on the console... not a problem if I'm onsite, but a challenge if I'm remote, which these days I'm spending much more time on the road...

The last cold start item mentioned above was with pfSense 2.4, previously with 2.3.4...

Corrective changes taken since last time...

1) Updated Coreboot to
2) Removed pfSense from eMMC via gpart removal of the pfsense partitions (which should render eMMC not a candidate for bootstraping the system)

Any other steps recommended?

The 2440 is on a UPS (APC consumer - BackUPS NS1080, supporting my QNAP NAS directly connected via USB to it).

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