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I have noticed this a couple of times. I think it is happening when my pfSense is rebooted, but I noticed it the other day when the power went out at my house.

After the power came back up, I had my local network, but did not appear to have internet access. So I pulled up pfSense WebGUI and noticed the WAN interface was "up" but didn't have an IP. When I opened the Status > Interfaces page, I noticed that the IP of WAN was So I clicked the Release/Renew button and my public IP showed up and I could access the internet.

How can I get pfSense to automatically fix this? I travel frequently and use services hosted at home (particularly Plex).

I did see Auto DHCP Renew not working on WAN (How to fix it). Is that the appropriate fix?

Wireless / Guest Wi-Fi using on-board adapter
« on: November 16, 2017, 12:48:34 pm »
I looked around on the forum, but couldn't find a previous post in the last year that answers this question.

I have a mini-pc from Protectli ( running pfSense 2.4.1-RELEASE (amd64). I added a mini PCIe wireless card ( to the machine.

The box boots fine, recognized the hardware, and I was able to add the wireless interface/network port (run0_wlan0) from the Interfaces > Wireless page.

I then assigned run0_wlan0 to an interface named "WLAN", gave it a static IP and setup a DHCP server. I can connect to the SSID broadcast by this interface and I am assigned an IP in the range configured by the DHCP server for that interface.

I also created a firewall rule in Firewall > Rules > WLAN that allows 'any' source to 'WLAN address' and 'WLAN address' to 'any' destination.

The problem I am facing is even though I can connect to the wireless network and am assigned an IP, I can't seem to reach the internet. I do seem to be able to access servers on my LAN interface though.

What I would like to do is:
1. Allow traffic on the "WLAN" interface to get to the internet
2. Block all other traffic on the "WLAN" interface

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