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General Questions / Justifying pfsense for home network
« on: January 01, 2018, 03:14:08 pm »

Looking for advice. Currently have a simple set up - standard Airport routers and pi-hole for ad blocking. I've seen quite the number of comments around the net of people standing up pfsense for their home network. I'm trying to understand the benefits of using pfsense at home. Is the firewall better than that on the Airport? I can run the pi-hole or another module in pfsense that does something similar, but am struggling to justify setting up pfsense. I'd likely go with something like the SG-3000 for simplicity and power saving (supports 1gig WAN), but unsure why I'd really want to implement pfsense besides maybe a bit of "shiny new box" syndrome.

Will I see an increase in network security? Would running DNS (unbound) be better than using standard ISP/google DNS? Any increase in security/privacy?

I don't want to say, "Sell me on pfsense" - just looking for use cases where pfsense works well for you in your home and why you went with it. I.e. increased DNS lookup and better DHCP management / client management than standard routers, etc.

Thank you for sharing in advance. :)

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