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General Questions / PFSENSE with 1 wan and multiple LAN
« on: March 03, 2018, 01:43:20 pm »
Hello everyone, i am newbie to networking and stuff but i have a few questions.

I have setup pfsense running as VM. I have a physical server running proxmox, 1 intergrated NIC used as proxmox management port and a pcie card with 4 nics used for pfsense. I have created 4 bridges one by one with each physical NIC. Inside pfsense i got 1 WAN and 1 LAN interface(remain 2 unused ports). I use a modem and a ppoe setup at wan port.

At the lan port i have plugged in an unmanaged switch. Everything works fine, i have dhcp and internet to all devices connected at the switch.

My question is about an access point i got. I would like to isolate this access point.

My main lan network with the switch is

I would like to isolate the access point to a network like and have internet access.

Also i would like to isolate another test pc to a network like and have internet access.

How i can do that and how the wiring goes?

Hello everyone, I am newbie to solutions like pfsense and i would like to experiment and learn more about networking. I have a PC running proxmox VE with several VMs and an PCIE card Intel Pro 1000PT Quad Port 1GbE PCIe-x4 RJ45.

Can i create a VM and install pfsense on it in order to act as a router? Can i use it as a home production router? Is it safe?

My current hardware is an ISP modem/router, a proxmox server machine, a NAS server Machine, a gaming PC, a PS4 and another PC.

My network topology at the moment is something like above :

I use powerlines (3x tp link TL-PA4010P because i rent the house that I stay and the owner doesn't allow me to use UTP cables.)

How i can setup a proper and secure network for my devices? I suppose i should buy a switch, can you recommend me some switches?

My first concern is to secure my nas server(freeNAS os).

Thanks in advance,

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