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Sad to say that without this key feature, I cannot use pfsense as my new router/firewall. This is a feature that works on nearly every other router/firewall out there. It works on all consumer grade routers as well as things like the edgerouter and cisco ASA's.
Pretty disappointing considering pfsense did everything else I wanted it to wonderfully.

Can anyone take a look at my other topic. Wanted to place in both forums for max visibility.


Hey all,
I am trying to figure out the best way to get multiple hosts to be able to play a game (For Honor) with open NAT. I can get the first one to work with the common sense UPnP settings enabled as well as static outbound. However, I feel like there has to be a cleaner way to be doing this as all consumer grade routers I have used are capable of handling multiple PCs playing the same game (using the same default port) on the same network at the same time.
This is really the last sticking point before I fully adopt pfsense as my new router. Without this key ability, I cannot justify moving away from consumer routers that "just work".
I am open to redoing my entire config to figure out the "right" way to get this done. Can anyone please help?

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