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The page is really busy now.  Think it would help for the sections to be hidden when not being used (custom settings checkbox not selected).

I was going to make that change, but it wasn't easy to make it backwards compatible.

I think it would be better if each page's settings just remember it's state, that way the checkmarks can be removed.

Backwards compatibility with what?  It's simply if the "Custom Settings" checkbox is checked display the customization settings sections in the user manager page.  If the checkbox is not checked don't display those sections.
Has no impact on how the settings work.
For an example see interfaces DHCP Client Configuration Options / Advanced Configuration.  When the box is checked to use the options, then the options settings are displayed.  Otherwise not displayed.

Looks like the code already does this.  But there is a script error preventing it from working in IE.

This should fix it.


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