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Want 2.4 to be released faster? Help test feedback tickets!


Right now there are about 30 tickets in "feedback" state for 2.4. That is, they are supposed to be fixed but we are waiting on feedback from users to determine if issues can really be closed.

These tickets can be seen here:

It helps speed up the development process if everyone goes through the list and tests a few of the tickets.

Please update to a current snapshot before testing!

If the issue is still not fixed, say so in the ticket and we can set it back to 'new' and work on it some more.
If the issue is fixed, say so in the ticket and we can mark it resolved it and move on.
If you see a ticket that already has feedback saying it is resolved, but the ticket is still open, let us know so it can be closed.

Any input is appreciated, thanks!

Morning jimp.

A number of Redmine tickets are still showing open when we have marked them as fixed, eg #7330 which I fixed on Sunday and has now been merged. There are others still showing open that are fixed. Is there a better way of informing those who can close them that it should be done?

Normally with the right text in the commit messages, that happens automatically. See: and (some of which I just added)

If there is a ticket marked open which should be in a Feedback state, drop a comment on there and one of us can change the status.


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