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SG series 1U & HA appliances


SG series 1U & HA at-glance. You can purchase official pfSense appliances from the our store.

SG-4860 1U

- Intel Atom 2.4 GHz 4-Core
- 32GB eMMC Flash
- 6x Intel 1GbE
- Small and Medium Business / Gigabit speeds

SG-8860 1U

- Intel Atom 2.4 GHz 8-Core
- 64GB eMMC Flash
- 6x Intel 1GbE
- Small and Medium Business / Gigabit speeds

SG-4860 1U HA & SG-8860 1U HA

Ask any questions you may have about these units!

Why does a HA unit require 2 support contracts?

The HA pair does not require two support contracts. It is offered as such for convenience. Many customers like to purchase the hardware bundle and the support bundle as (1) they know both units are supported and (2) they don't have to navigate to several different places in the store to add an additional support subscription.

Also, some companies require that all units be under some kind of support agreement at all times. This solves that problem as well.

Further, Netgate Global Support applies on a per-unit basis. Each unit is treated as a separate firewall because that's what it is.

If someone purchasing the HA pair doesn't want support, they can elect Community Support at the point of sale.  If they'd like two units and only want support on one, then they can select those items (two firewalls, one support subscription) on an individual basis in the store.

Okay, correct. I do not 'require' 2 support contracts for 1 x HA appliance.
But my point was rather that an HA appliance is a designed to be a single network firewall that provides a failover function; - rather than 2 separate firewalls.


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