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Author Topic: ZFS vs UFS and power loss  (Read 2190 times)

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Re: ZFS vs UFS and power loss
« Reply #15 on: September 21, 2017, 07:51:58 pm »
The problem with UFS is that its journaling is sort of bolted on, natively UFS never had journaling, so hence its unreliability.

The problem is that UFS SU+J is turned by default and nowhere documented to be a piece of buggy junk. (This is not pfSense-specific, this is generic FreeBSD issue.)

Look for a post by chrcol on the FreeBSD forums, where I got caught out by this.  UFS+J was first set as default in FreeBSD 9.0, I installed a server using those defaults and had massive database corruption issues which vanished when I reverted the server to 8.3 on the same hardware on standard UFS without journaling.  It turns out there was a nasty bug that caused my issue, that bug got fixed but like you said there is other issues.  One of the few times I was guilty of deploying a x.0 release on production servers as well.

here it is, searched so you dont have to. :)
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