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Unreliable pfsense reboot Hyperv 2012

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Hi, I frequently reboot my pfsense box Running on hyperv server 2012std and every 4/5 reboots it wont start. Pfsense freezes during boot, always when it is trying to mount devices such as dvd drive. I removed everything I can from the machine settings but it still happens. I guess its noy able to mount the disk, im not sure because i dont have the knowledge to troubleshoot it with freebsd. I tried installing ufs and zfs. Zfs seems to freeze up alot more. This never happened with pfsense 2.3.

How can I find out what is causing this ? Anyone with similair issues ?

Thanks !

Why would you be rebooting it so much is the first question... But the fix for esxi has been setting

configure the VM to use the syscons console rather than vt by editing /boot/loader.conf.local and adding this line:

this information was in the release notes..

Its related to this
panics during bootup due to a race between vt_change_font() and termcn_cnputc()

Thanks should have read the notes first, I will try it.

I confirm that 2.4.0 as VM has problem with reboot on Hyper-V 2012R2
No matter which scenario is used for guest VM of 2.4.0 (save state, shutdown guest), after reboot guest makes output that filesystem was unmounted incorrectly. After checking everythig works good. But it's abnormal.

I've made several tests with snapshots and 2 different VM.

if VM is 2.3.X it correctly saves state (vm stops reply, hyper-v host continues reply to ping for a while before reboot), hyper-v hosts reboots, VM 2.3.X correctly restores.
if VM is 2.4.0 it incorrectly saves states (vm continues reply with host till the host's last ping reply before reboot), hyper-v hosts reboots, VM 2.4.0 starts like the power was failed.

I have two pfsense vms running on a hyper-v 2012r2 server. One is a test system that I update and reboot frequently. I am not noticing any problems rebooting.


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